from: Senior Chaplain Richie Turnbo

 Channel 21 and its Chaplains are eager and optimistic of each new year, and what God may have in store. Although we realize that God is not obligated beyond our obedience, we continue to search ourselves to see if there is something more we can do. Each Chaplain has his own story; this one is mine:    read more
 from: Chaplain Ronnie Wendell

I always thought of myself as a good Christian seeing I went to church regularly and did a little around our church, tithe regular, I then figured out I was way off.

What changed me was a spiritual journey called Walk to Emmaus. I have since learned that I am a sinner and am forgiven everyday.

The first thing after my walk that happened was the person that was assigned to take me home. We were on our way to take me home, and this man was walking ( stumbling ) drunk on the road, so he said to me lets put what you learned this weekend into action. So we pulled over and helped the man into his apartment which was about 2 blocks from where we saw him, I thought we would just throw him in and close the door and be on our way. I was way wrong, I was halfway down the steps and my friend called to me to come back, and he said lets pray for him, he went first and the hair on my neck stood up, he then asked me to do the same,which I did. I have never felt comfortable praying for other people in public. This experience changed me, anymore I will pray with anyone at the drop of a hat no matter where it is. The channel 21 ministry has been a blessing for me and the way it came into my life is definitely a GOD thing, I could go on but for now I will sign off and say God bless all who read this and may you continue to have many blessings. Chaplain Ronnie Wendell

 In the past few months, my wife and I have them trying to figure out if we wanted to join the church or not a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning we decided that we would join the church we're currently attending we have been for approximately two years after we made the decision to join we got into pickup truck to go to church it was set on a Christian Channel that I normally don't listen to in the vehicle in the Song came on had to be divine intervention. How great is thy faithfulness.
Ronnie Wendell 
 In the trucking business we all have different times of the day we drive. With the job I have I am blessed, that at the end of the week I leave early on Friday morning, do my 11 hours of driving and resume after my 10 hours off duty. Saying all this to say this, that this time of day really gives time to think and get (what I think are good ideas), but the road I am on is I77 in West Virginia, to Ohio. Going up some of those grades and curves, with the headlights shining for what looks like forever is, like the Lord lighting my path for me to follow. I am sure we all have similar testimonies, and it would be terrific to read some other ones. If we can’t write them to other believers how can we give them to strangers.

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